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Magnetite particles formed above the Curie temperature of pure magnetite (585 °C at atmospheric pressure) would acquire thermo-remanent magnetization,which is the ideal form of magnetization for pa - leomagnetic studies (Tarduno et al.2006).Feinberg et al.(2005) documented a domain microstructure in magnetite inclusions in results for this questionHow is magnetite formed in a type 2 vein?How is magnetite formed in a type 2 vein?Type 2 veins reflect open-system serpentinization.Magnetite in these veins formed by oxidation of the Fe in brucite and serpentine,whereas addition of silica to the system converted the Mg-component of the brucite to serpentine.Onset and Progression of Serpentinization and Magnetite results for this questionWhat is strain martitization of magnetite?What is strain martitization of magnetite?Incomplete martitization of magnetite leads to the same texture,but newly-formed hematite contains relics of magnetite (Plate 1B).Martitization may also be developed along grain boundaries of,or patchy-like within,magnetite.This conversion is known as strain-martitization (Plate 1C; BAUMANN LEEDER,1991).TheRedox and nonredox reactions of magnetite and hematite in

results for this questionWhich is a younger mineral ,hematite or magnetite?Which is a younger mineral ,hematite or magnetite?Hematite is a younger mineral and was formed at the expence of magnetite due to oxidation.magnetite) + 2H +.The forward reaction is the conversion of hematite to magnetite by simple by leaching of Fe 2+ in an acidic environment.Redox and nonredox reactions of magnetite and hematite in (PDF) Deformation microstructures and magnetite texture

ment in magnetite using neutron diffraction methods,no experimental A limited number of deformation experiments have previously been studies have yet used EBSD to document texture development in magne- performed on magnetite aggregates and single(PDF) Effect of Substrate Grain Size on the Growth magnetite reection during the oxidation of the single crystal substrate. long-term oxidation.However,the texture strength observed after 5 h the same trend as those forming on the

(PDF) Effect of Substrate Grain Size on the Growth

situ study of the average texture component of magnetite in the dir ection of the surface normal .Fig.10 Top-views of an oxide scale grown on iron polycrystals after oxidation at 450 C for 10 h.(PDF) Redox and nonredox reactions of magnetite and The transformation of magnetite to hematite via redox reaction results in ~ 2 % volume increase whereas transformation via non-redox process results in ~ 32-33 % volume reduction and significant Al-Zoning of Serpentine Aggregates in Mesh TextureAbstract.Serpentinization of oceanic lithosphere commonly proceeds with the development of mesh texture.Examination of a serpentinized harzburgite and a plagioclase-bearing wehrlite revealed conspicuous zoning of Al in a serpentine mesh texture,with Al-rich cores and Al-poor rims,as well as Al-rich veins,indicating local transport of Al from plagioclase and pyroxene during serpentinization.

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Nov 02,2007·Skarns can form during regional or contact metamorphism and from a variety of metasomatic processes involving fluids of magmatic,metamorphic,meteoric,and/or marine origin.They are found adjacent to plutons,along faults and major shear zones,in shallow geothermal systems,on the bottom of the seafloor,and at lower crustal depths in deeply Analysis of Deformation Texture in AISI 304 Steel Sheets The texture measurements of both phases were conducted from the center layers of the cold-rolled strip.In the case of metastable austenite AISI 304 steel the texture development was very complex because three processes were proceded simultaneously during the cold-rolling,namely plastic deformation of the austenitic g-phase,strain induced phase transformation ®a and deformation of the formed aBands of Zircon,Allanite and Magnetite in Paleozoic Magnetite and allanite grains in these layers varied in size and exhibited isolated,aggregated,and coalesced textures.In addition,the settling texture of zircon grains onto the other minerals was observed.These observations could reasonably be explained by the process of gravitational accumulation during the solidification of magma.

Cited by 25Publish Year 2010Author C.Juricic,H.Pinto,D.Cardinali,M.Klaus,Ch.Genzel,A.R.PyzallaTexture,microstructure,and strength of hematite ores

Sep 01,2003·In tests of 1680 min duration at 600 and 700 °C wuestite could not be detected,and the reaction to magnetite was significantly reduced yielding a rim thickness of only 30 m at 600 °C,60 m at 700 °C,and a maximum of 300 m at 950 °C.Strength values ofCited by 2Publish Year 2013Author Tomasz Goryczka,Patrick OchinProcess of magnetite fabric development during granite Aug 01,2011·Research highlights AARM and magnetite SEM-EBSD data from a syntectonic granite are presented.Magnetite fabric is stronger in southern part of the granite due to more strain.Magnetite shows brittle cracks and did not undergo intracrystalline deformation.Magnetite grains tended to align parallel to the matrix minerals.Rigid body movement with rotation was the main magnetite fabric forming Cited by 33Publish Year 2013Author Agnieszka Kurc-Lisiecka,Wojciech Ozgowicz,Wiktoria Ratuszek,Joanna KowalskaTrace element geochemistry of magnetite Implications for Sep 01,2018·If the temperature is the major control of Fe-substitution in magnetite,then skarn and porphyry deposits which would form at similar temperatures and fluid compositions should yield magnetite with similiar trace element compositions,however,Nadoll et al.(2014) proposed that the magnetite in skarn systems tend to be more enriched in Mg,Al

Cited by 4Publish Year 2013Author Monika Gwodzik,Zygmunt NitkiewiczTexturing of Magnetite Forming During Long-Term

Download Citation Texturing of Magnetite Forming During Long-Term Operation of a Pipeline of 10CrMo9-10 Steel The paper presents results of X-ray measurements of the texture of a magnetite Cited by 5Publish Year 2013Author Joanna Kowalska,Wiktoria Ratuszek,Magorzata Witkowska,Anna Zieliska-LipiecExsolved magnetite inclusions in silicates Features ages.Magnetite prisms in clinopyroxene sam-ple ET94-2 have sides 70400 nm long with an average aspect ratio of 0.48.This nanometer-scale texture is also observed in sample ET94-6,where the magnetite prisms are 601000 nm long with an average aspect ratio of 0.31.In sample ET94-5 magnetite prisms were observed using TEM (Fig.2)Cobalt-Bearing Grunerite in the Metamorphosed Bandedence of grunerite with their long dimension sub-parallel to the original banding of the rocks.The rocks of the study area underwent metamorphism as evi-denced by the coarse-grained magnetite/martite min-erals,non-intergranular texture and increase in volume of grunerite.Amphibolite grade of metamor-phism is indicated by the common development of

Effect of Substrate Grain Size on the Growth,Texture and

Jul 21,2009·The effect of epitaxial misfits on the stress state of the hematite during oxidation should be negligible,since the texture strength of the hematite for both substrates is even lower than that of magnetite and the weak preferential orientations observed do not correspond to the epitaxial relationships reported in the literature [11,55,56,59].Evaluation of Titania-Rich Slag Produced from Titaniferous Aug 03,2020·Titanium-bearing magnetite ore is generically defined as magnetite with gt; 1% titanium dioxide (TiO2) and is usually vanadium-bearing.The iron and titanium occur as a mixture of magnetite (Fe3O4) and ilmenite (FeTiO3) with vanadium oxide usually occurring within the solid solution of the titanium-bearing magnetite phase.These ores are currently widely processed in blast furnaces via Igneous Minerals - Union CollegeThere are also peculiar paralellogram- and trapezoid-shaped patches of wormy opaque material in the olivine.These are magnetite that formed during subsolidus oxidation of iron in the olivine.Oxidation turned some Fe 2+ to Fe 3+,precipitating magnetite by the reaction olivine + O 2 = magnetite + enstatite.Though it may seem obvious,opaque minerals are opaque in plane- and cross-polarized

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Annealed texture,in this case basalt that was held at high temperature for a long period of time.The original grains have recrystallized into approximately equant,anhedral grains of colorless plagiocase,colorless,high-index olivine,pale brown augite,and black magnetite.Grain intersection angles are typically near 120° angles.In-situ trace element and Fe-isotope studies on magnetite ·Eight analyses of magnetite inclusions in clinopyroxene yielded total contents of 92.4094.13 wt% .The analyses of fifteen magnetiteilmenite solid solution pairs consistently yielded total contents of 92.6594.11 wt% for magnetite and 98.1299.93 wt% for ilmenite .Influence of Cold Plastic Deformation on the Development Texturing of Magnetite Forming during Long-Term Operation of a Pipeline of 10CrMo9-10 Steel p.121.Low-Temperature XRD Study of Phase Transformations in NiTi and TiNiCo Shape Memory Alloys Used for the Preparation of the Prototypes of Medical Implants p.125.XRD Based Methods of Investigation the Order - Disorder Transformation in the Spinel

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Crystallographically oriented magnetite inclusions in pyroxenes are a product of subsolidus exsolution during slow cooling and are common features in gabbroic and granulite facies rocks.These elongate inclusions often record a stable component of the direction and intensity of the Earth's magnetic field and consequently,are of significant interest to paleomagnetism.Obsidian - Oregon State UniversityObsidian is relatively unstable from a geologic perspective.It is rare to find obsidian older than about 20 million years,which is very youthful in comparison to most continental rocks that form the Earth's crust.Over a long period of time,obsidian gradually changes from glass to rock inOnset and Progression of Serpentinization and Magnetite IntroductionSetting and SamplesPetrographyRaman Spectroscopy of Type 1 and 2 VeinsMineralogyDiscussionImplications and ConclusionsAcknowledgementsSome of the most extreme geochemical environments on Earth are associated with the serpentinization of olivine.Serpentinization is associated with strongly reducing conditions that lead to the generation of H2,a fluid pH that ranges from 3 (at high temperature) to 12.5 (at low T),and among the lowest aSiO2 in terrestrial silicate systems (Coleman,1963; Barnes ONeil,1969; Frost,1985; Abrajano et al.,1988; Peretti et al.,1992; Muntener Hermann,1994; Charlou et al.,1998,2002; Beard Hopkinson,2000;See more on academic.oup(PDF) Metal-troilite-magnetic assemblage in shock veins of The occurrence of metal-troilite-magnetite assemblage suggests that the shock veins were still under pressure at temperatures from 900 to 950°C during solidification of Fe-Ni-S or Fe-Ni-S-O

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Brito (1984) interpreted as similar to the magnetite pipe-like bodies of the Bushveld Complex (Willemse 1979).The upper Transition Zone pod-like magnetite bodies are groupings of magnetite seams and pyroxenites that form 150m long,20m thick masses of 150,000 tons of vanadiferous iron ore with mean grade of 0.5% V2O5 and maximumPeople also askWhat is the reaction of magnetite?What is the reaction of magnetite?Reaction (3) is the replacement of hematite by magnetite due to simple addition of Fe2+ atoms under basic conditions.This reaction causes an increase of the volume of 47.6%.Reaction (4),causing a volume decrease of 32.2%,is the replacement of magnetite by hematite due to leaching of Fe2+ atoms under acidic conditions.Redox and nonredox reactions of magnetite and hematite in Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345Next

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Texturing of Magnetite Forming during Long-Term Operation of a Pipeline of 10CrMo9-10 Steel p.121 Home Solid State Phenomena Solid State Phenomena Vols.203-204 Texture in NiTi-Based Shape Memory Alloys ProducedTexturing of Magnetite Forming during Long-TermThe paper presents results of X-ray measurements of the texture of a magnetite (Fe 3 O 4) layer formed on 10CrMo9-10 steel during 100,000 hours operation at the temperature of 575°C (in a flowing medium environment).The formed oxide layer was 140µm thick.Variation in magnetic properties of serpentinized Dec 20,2016·Highly serpentinized peridotites have a welldeveloped serpentine mesh texture.The grain size of magnetite formed during serpentinization changes with the progression of the serpentinization reaction.The MD grains were formed through a primary igneous process and/or the initial stages of serpentinization under hightemperature conditions.

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